An Unbiased Review Of Jackie Ulmer- Is She For Real

Do you ever wonder how top earners in the home business industry like Jackie Ulmer actually go to the top? Ever thought how Jackie Ulmer could wind up making millions of dollars within this industry, when the average networker isn’t making more than $200 bucks each month? Do you wanna know the SECRETS? Well inside this post, Ill share with you some of the secrets that helped Jackie Ulmer arrive at the top of her companies comp plan and become a well-known trainer and coach. But first, who’s Jackie Ulmer anyway?

Just in case you dont know that much information about her, Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing veteran who has been active in the industry for over 17 years now. Before she found multi-level marketing however, she was associated with airline marketing. Although she had a good career with a great income, she realized that she didnt own her time. She had a boss and a scheduled time to come in and out of work. Before long she began to wonder if this was the ideal way to live her life, especially since she had children and didnt really wish to have her kids raised by some stranger. Well, she’d make the decision to become a stay-at-home mom and raise her kids but clearly there was one question she had to ask herself:

Where was the income really going to come from?

Thats an issue Jackie Ulmer needed to think about several times. As she started looking at her options, she found multi-level marketing. Now even though she was hesitant about it initially, she eventually came to the realization that it could really work out for her. So after she leaped into the industry, she began to attend all the training events, seminars, and also bought many courses. As she kept working her business harder and harder, her income started to elevate more. Although she faced several setbacks with companies going bankrupt, she still pushed through the hurdles and would eventually take her business to the top.

As time passed, using the offline strategies like cold-calling and meetings kinda left her worn-out, just like many other top earners in the profession. So in 1999, Jackie Ulmer started to build her company online and things really took off from there. She utilized self-branding and learned how to attract people to her. Many may call her the Original Attraction Marketer because she was actually among the first to use the internet to grow her business.

Strategies For Becoming A Top Earner Like Jackie Ulmer

Some of Jackie Ulmer s secrets to becoming a top earner is that first she NEVER gave up. Every top earner develop a mindset of failure is NOT an option. Many people wonder what their real secrets are but that right there is the main one. The ones that stay in the game long enough always win. They figure something out or they receive some kind of mentoring or they land on some training and information that help them take their business to the top. But after everything is said and done, its all mindset. Jackie Ulmer never quit. She wasnt an overnight success and even through the trials and obstacles, she never waved the white flag of surrender.

But another one of her secrets was her ability to really combine offline with internet marketing. Using the internet really helped explode her business. She used social networking sites to build relationships and was able to truly work-from-home. She also used attraction marketing tactics to have people come to her and ONLY deal with SERIOUS prospects who were ready to join her team. If you wish to become a top earner like Jackie Ulmer, you’ve got to take your business SERIOUSLY and invest in yourself, learn attraction marketing, and really run with it. Dont quit regardless of what happens and find mentors who can help you. Thats exactly what she did and thats why today Jackie Ulmer is an incredible leader in the field and someone who you can greatly learn from!