Don’t Believe The Monavie Scam Reports – Here’s Why

It only seems right that you live the long life and earn good money by working for a company whose primary goal is the health and well-being of others. At first glance, it could have been Monavie, a multi-level marketing company that sells the product called Monavie Juice a concoction of 19 different fruits bannered by the phenomenal acai berry.

However, some Monavie reviews found online are trying to say otherwise. Since the company entered the multi-level marketing industry in 2005, Monavie has gained criticisms left and right for an alleged scam. Some of it claims that by taking a look at Monavies products, its easy to dismiss them as just another health drink. Some more criticisms say that a close observation of how their marketing structure goes will give the impression that its a pyramid scheme.

Nonetheless, their business model sustained them for 5 years and an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for CEO Dallin Larsen. Indeed, Monavie has come a long way. Now, one of the fastest-growing companies and going stronger, Monavies continued success seem to prove that bad publicity is still good publicity and it can lead to bigger and more gratifying opportunities.

Despite the negative articles, its not all bad. Monavie is among the Top Ten companies of Inc. Magazine on its September 2009 issue. The magazine even considered Monavie as the fastest-growing company for food and beverage. Monavie also gained recognition for its products amazing antioxidant properties by being featured on Fox News. Monavie, Fox News reported, is the choice of elite athletes like Torontos Lyle Overbay.

For most people, multi-level marketing (MLM) usually means two things: (a) its too good to be true and (b) it is s a scam. Those who think this way hardly realize that there are a lot of multi-level marketing opportunities out there and they cant all be that bad. While it is true that there are really those MLM businesses that promise the moon and the stars for a seemingly unattainable sales target, it does not apply to all of the companies in the multi-level marketing industry.

Case in point: the Monavie Opportunity. A business model wherein distributors can earn commissions through a hybrid binary compensation plan, Monavie received negative feedbacks about how their operations seem to be a pyramid scheme. Because there were claims from critics that they have Monavie pyramid scheme exposed, and with countless of negative Monavie reviews online, it is not surprising for aspiring independent distributors to jump into the conclusion that it is a scam.

It should be noted though that the internet can sometime be deceiving, and there are a lot of people in the Web who talk about things they dont have sufficient knowledge of. Though there is nothing wrong with expressing opinions on a product, service or in this case, marketing plan, individuals who want to start a career in multi-level marketing have full control in choosing the companies that they want to join, but not without carefully weighing the facts especially if there were shady allegations.

Those who would like to venture on multi-level marketing companies like Monavie should be keen in choosing where to put their trust to. Instead of believing in baseless accusations right away, there are foolproof guidelines that can be found in various sources internet, television or print media to help give an idea which is most likely a scam and which ones are authentic business chances. They can even test these guidelines on Monavie, so they can create their own conclusion if it is indeed a scam or not.