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Greying Tigers

Greying tigers, the generation of over 65s who are becoming a more powerful generation in the market place. This is the generation that has seen all the changes take place and are reminiscent of the good old days.

They remember when the wallflowers were sold wrapped in newspaper and they remember the price. This is a generation looking for nostalgia and is very price aware.

This is still a generation that are loyal to many garden centres and dare one say it, but because of their loyalty they may be putting young people off visiting the same establishments.

This is a generation that we cannot ignore, but have to fit them into a marketing scenario that meets all generation needs.

Many garden centers have realized there is an opportunity, especially where they can get involved in celebrating the Red Hat Society as an event in the garden center. If you are not aware of this society, I recommend you check them out on the web. This is a growing group and a great way of introducing fun into our garden center with this generation.

Greying Tigers are the most adventurous retired generation that has ever been and as a result will experiment in there gardens. They are the nostalgia market and this is a huge opportunity for any garden centre who wishes to develop nostalgic promotional opportunities. Why not have a corner in the garden center for nostalgic products and plants.

Garden centers who are looking to attract this market need to be less abled friendly and have plenty of seating located around the center. The coffee shop needs to be price aware; many price decisions are made by judging the price of a cup of tea.

Many centers are allocating special days for this generation; I have one client who has built their traffic on a quiet day by promoting to this group. My local shopping center actually takes a mini bus around the local retirement homes on a Thursday. They invite people to the shopping center, provide them with a complimentary cup of tea and let them shop. This has proved to be very successful, not only to the target market, but has also grown community support for the center. The same concept could be applied to a garden center.

They may be lower spenders, but on quieter days that can make a difference. The Greying Tigers are also often collectors and this is also an opportunity to provide them with collection pieces, the gift market especially has developed this market, but the same could be applied to cacti and other plant products.


Ensure your garden center is less abled friendly. Have parking for the less abled in a prime location in your car park

Have a wheel chair available, but more important encourage your team to get in it and go around the garden center, this will give them an opportunity to experience it and make appropriate changes to the customer flow

Have plenty of seating located at locations around the garden centre

Promote nostalgia plants at key locations around the garden center and use words like remember and Nostalgia on the signage

Make sure signs are bold and simple; eyes fail as we get older

Ensure your cash point team are greying tiger friendly and are prepared to help .have a help service to the car for the less abled


Place delicate products in locations where frail hands may drop them

Talk down, this generation has a lot of background knowledge, especially on gardening self and will not consider the container as such an important element as, for example generation X

Put all your container plants in expensive containers, this generation will purchase plants for the plants it

Generate 30-50 Prepaid Legal Leads Everyday Online For Free!

Prepaid Legal Leads: Don’t Buy Leads When You Can Generate 30-50 Leads Everyday Online For FREE

Over the years, Prepaid Legal Services has become one of the largest and most successful network marketing companies in the industry. They offer a variety of identity theft and legal-protection services and also has an income opportunity attached for someone that wants to become a distributor and re-sell their services.

Just like with every network marketing opportunity, there are some concerns about starting a business opportunity with Prepaid Legal.

How are you going to go about building YOUR business with Prepaid Legal? Who are your prosects? Where will you get leads? How are you going to generate a steady flow of income?

Prepaid Legal is one of the oldest and most established network marketing companies out there. With that being said, they encourage their distributors to use marketing techniques that worked better years ago. These strategies consist of hitting up your “warm market”. Depending on your friends, family, co-workers and everyone in your social circle to grow your business. They are not true qualified leads.

Prepaid Legal also encourages their distributors to use the “3 foot rule”. This is where you approach random people whenever you go out into public and talk to anyone within 3 feet of you and present them with Prepaid Legals services and business opportunity. This technique was effective back in the 60’s and 70’s, but nowadays, it simply positions their distributors as a desperate salesperson looking to make a quick buck. You might get a couple of leads that way, but still not the high quality leads you are looking for,

Don’t get me wrong, someone could absolutely make tons of money with the services and products provided by Prepaid Legal. The key to finding the prospects and leads that you are looking for is learning how to use effective marketing techniques. Trying to build a six-figure income depending on friends, family, and “3 footers” is inviting frustration, struggle and heart ache into your life. These techniques work for very few.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Over 95% of all network marketers are failing to make money in their business opportunity. Chasing folks around and trying to “sell” and “convince” them on the legitimacy of your product and Prepaid Legal opportunity is much less fun than talking to people that have already expressed a direct interest in what you offer and sought you out. These are the leads that you are looking for.

So how do you do that? What you have to realize is that when you start a business opportunity with Prepaid Legal is that it is just that. A BUSINESS! In order for businesses to stay profitable and bring in constant cash flow is they market and promote their business so that they have people coming to them.

You want to leverage the right kind of tools that will give you the best results for your time. The best tool for any network marketing business today is marketing over the internet. Leveraging the internet and utilizing online marketing strategies will bring in massive traffic to your site with true prospects and leads that are already interested in what you are offering, leaving YOU their information WANTING you to contact them!

There are plenty of FREE, low cost and paid marketing strategies and techniques that you can use today over the internet to generate 30-50 fresh, qualified leads every day and I can show you what they are right now!

Easy Ways To Make A Killer Marketing Flyer

A flyer is inexpensive to make, highly effective and crippling to your competition!
It will grab the attention of many people. Some will be in the market for your service too.
How do you make your flyer stand out amongst all the others? Its got to be done right!
Professional flyer designers like myself, make flyers “pop.” Heres how
1. Write a Blazing Hot headline.
Make it memorable, unusual or provocative using a few carefully chosen powerful words. Popular titles contain one or more of these words: I Promise You You Get Easy – The Secrets to Unlock Finally A Way To Insider Tips – Time Sensitive – How to – Free Bonuses – Now You Can Discover Proven Can You Believe..
2. Use colorful vivid graphics.
One large image will have more impact than many smaller images. An eye vivid photo grabs attention, creates a mood, and supports your story.
This image is your “center piece” and will draw your readers in.
You can purchase inexpensive – quality stock photos on the Internet.
Download individual photos or purchase a CD with many images.
3. Focus on the benefits of your product or service.
Your prospects will ask the question, “What’s in it for me?” Write from their perspective using the words “you” and “your.” Avoid using the following words: we, us, I and our. Be sure to keep your text short and to the point. Some of the most powerful words to use are: free, save, love, new, results, and guarantee.
Break up long paragraphs with bullet points and place them in a separate box or space paragraphs as needed to avoid too much reading and mind clutter.
4. Use your clients testimonials.
Nothing builds legitimacy like an endorsement from a happy customer, especially if it demonstrates how happy they are with your product or service. Be sure to include the first and last name, company name and location of the person providing the testimonial.
5. Organize your page with boxes and borders.
You don’t need to jam your flyer with a billion words and/or graphics. Incorporate some space to make certain elements stand out and to make the flyer easy on the eye to read.
6. Make for easy reading.
Highlight titles and subtitles in bold, but avoid using ALL CAPS because they can be an annoying turn off and difficult to read.
7. Keep It Simple Silly.
Dont use complicated words or phrases.
Youre not here to impress anyone with your grammar you are here to sell your product or service and make some serious income.
Make it simple with two typefaces, and keep everything even.
Be aware of printing margins so your sentences dont print off the edge of the page.
8. Don’t forget to proofread.
Have someone else proofread your work.
Missing mistakes is very easy to do. A second set of eyes usually reveals hidden mistakes. Grammatical errors lessen your credibility.
There is a mindset certain individuals have.. If they cant spell it right maybe they cant do it right. Can you find the one word in this sentence purposley spelled wrong?
My point? – Proofread every time!
9. If you are on a tight budget, you do have options.
Select bright-colored paper, and print with black ink.
Instead of mailing them just spend 1 afternoon sticking them inside doors in your neighborhood. I did that when I first started out and my business grew to the point where I was mailing 3000 flyers at a time.
It takes time remember: New York City WAS NOT built in 1 day.
Keep going – Consistency is key!
10. Offer a discount or special limited-time price.
Design a coupon on the bottom quarter of the flyer. Be sure to clearly state the deadlines and limitations of the offer. If it is a mail-in coupon, dont forget your mailing address.
It happens pay attention.
11. Dont give up after 1 mailing or 1 hand delivery.
If getting business was that easy, EVERYONE would be business millionaires!
With that said its really not all that hard either.
The golden key to success is consistency and a never give up attitude.
Remember the Colonel Sanders KFC story? He went to hundreds of investors, trying to convince them to help open up the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.
If he had given up right away the world would have never experienced the Colonels 11 herbs and spices, famous fried chicken. I realize this is an extreme example
but the point is – a little effort will pay you HUGE rewards. Never Ever Give Up!
Use these proven techniques and you will see BIG results in the growth of your business.
If you are too busy to make your own flyer and want my original Magic Yellow Flyer the one I used to build a by referral only service business, just log on to: MagicYellowFlyer

Enhance Your Corporate Awards With Attractive Plaques And Trophies To Make An Impression

All organizations and companies have their ways of rewarding deserving employees. Some of the more common awards are the Annual awards and awards that are handed out when an exceptional job is done and even when an employee exceeds their expected performance that then benefits the company. Some of the more unusual awards are those that are handed out for an act of bravery or even for promoting the use of greener methods to save the environment while being cost effective as well. Awards are ways to motivate employees and these can take the form of plaques, trophies, letters of appreciation etc. Many companies also have sporting events that are held or sponsor these events and the trophies or gifts that are handed out are usually marked with the company colors or the logo for a touch of marketing as well.

Promotional corporate items are also a great way to market ones product or service. With the handing out of these promotional corporate items the logo or the brand will have a wider visual recall. Most companies prefer these promotional items to be items that are used regularly in the office like coffee mugs or promotional mugs, promotional keyrings etc. These are also handed out to employees as small corporate awards. These corporate awards can also be fancy events with large budgets and well known faces to grace the event. In these cases it is important to have promotional products that have a great finish and are exclusive. Promotional mugs and promotional keyring are not for these events. There are many professional companies that manufacture products that are used at these corporate awards and these have catalogues for clients to view and to choose from along with samples of their best products.

Finding such a professional company is not difficult with the help of the Internet. There are many sites online promoting their product ranges that can be used for corporate awards. The sites are usually detailed and have pictures of each product as well. Using the INTERNET is a good way to decide on the company to choose for ones promotional corporate items. Professional companies will have their representatives contact interested browsers to discuss the potential of the order and the rates etc. These items are usually customized and professional companies will have a design team as well to help clients to decide on the final look of the product.

Among the many companies available online, is among the best known. Browse through the site and get ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Don’t Believe The Monavie Scam Reports – Here’s Why

It only seems right that you live the long life and earn good money by working for a company whose primary goal is the health and well-being of others. At first glance, it could have been Monavie, a multi-level marketing company that sells the product called Monavie Juice a concoction of 19 different fruits bannered by the phenomenal acai berry.

However, some Monavie reviews found online are trying to say otherwise. Since the company entered the multi-level marketing industry in 2005, Monavie has gained criticisms left and right for an alleged scam. Some of it claims that by taking a look at Monavies products, its easy to dismiss them as just another health drink. Some more criticisms say that a close observation of how their marketing structure goes will give the impression that its a pyramid scheme.

Nonetheless, their business model sustained them for 5 years and an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for CEO Dallin Larsen. Indeed, Monavie has come a long way. Now, one of the fastest-growing companies and going stronger, Monavies continued success seem to prove that bad publicity is still good publicity and it can lead to bigger and more gratifying opportunities.

Despite the negative articles, its not all bad. Monavie is among the Top Ten companies of Inc. Magazine on its September 2009 issue. The magazine even considered Monavie as the fastest-growing company for food and beverage. Monavie also gained recognition for its products amazing antioxidant properties by being featured on Fox News. Monavie, Fox News reported, is the choice of elite athletes like Torontos Lyle Overbay.

For most people, multi-level marketing (MLM) usually means two things: (a) its too good to be true and (b) it is s a scam. Those who think this way hardly realize that there are a lot of multi-level marketing opportunities out there and they cant all be that bad. While it is true that there are really those MLM businesses that promise the moon and the stars for a seemingly unattainable sales target, it does not apply to all of the companies in the multi-level marketing industry.

Case in point: the Monavie Opportunity. A business model wherein distributors can earn commissions through a hybrid binary compensation plan, Monavie received negative feedbacks about how their operations seem to be a pyramid scheme. Because there were claims from critics that they have Monavie pyramid scheme exposed, and with countless of negative Monavie reviews online, it is not surprising for aspiring independent distributors to jump into the conclusion that it is a scam.

It should be noted though that the internet can sometime be deceiving, and there are a lot of people in the Web who talk about things they dont have sufficient knowledge of. Though there is nothing wrong with expressing opinions on a product, service or in this case, marketing plan, individuals who want to start a career in multi-level marketing have full control in choosing the companies that they want to join, but not without carefully weighing the facts especially if there were shady allegations.

Those who would like to venture on multi-level marketing companies like Monavie should be keen in choosing where to put their trust to. Instead of believing in baseless accusations right away, there are foolproof guidelines that can be found in various sources internet, television or print media to help give an idea which is most likely a scam and which ones are authentic business chances. They can even test these guidelines on Monavie, so they can create their own conclusion if it is indeed a scam or not.

4 Ways to Save Product Market

Marketing photoEntrepreneurs and companies will automatically attempt to figure out how to market their products at minimal costs but produce a profound effect on his business.

With marketing costs are low, they will implement the strategy, through many methods and tools depending yangberbeda.
Here are four effective strategies to market your business or product to be known to the public, namely:
1. Create a Brand Ambassador

By creating Ambassador Ambassador for the brand product, it also will increase your business. Your efforts will get a lot of customers and the trust of many people. But you also need to selectively hire brand ambassador, because they are the face of the company.

2. Use the site’s

Many cheap and even free tools out there that can effectively be used to market the product or business. As mail chimp for email marketing, sumoMe account to collect email addresses, and others.

3. Create a lottery facebook

By creating a sweepstakes on Facebook can create a viral effect. Many use this way to attract customers. The best part of running a sweepstakes via Facebook will promote your product through word of mouth, and help alert.

4. Promote your brand with the hashtag

If you promote your product via Instagram or Twitter, should be included hashtag brands and products sold. For this strategy will help the community, providing great content to be back in the post, and generate a lot of followers.

A Review Of Diamond Holiday Travel Is It A Scam

Marketing photoDiamond Holiday Is an innovative travel service that is an the network marketing industry, Diamond Holiday headquarter is locate at suite 1200. 1000 N west street Wilmington.Delaware. They are also building an office in Hong Kong that will open on January 25 2010. Diamond Holiday Travel Inc is an affiliated firm of American Asian Science Foundation (AASF), AASF is a private corporation which established in 1969 at Washington DC.

Diamond Holiday is on a mission to make a positive change and improve lives of there member, by introducing unique concept, offering an awesome business opportunity for there members can succeed and achieve amazing wealth. Diamond Holiday has an empowerment management team that is led by visionary Roger Friedan, Mr.Roger received his master degree in business administration from the crummer school of business at rollins college. Roger name has been associated with some of the most significant companies in our industry.Roger cross functional knowledge and well-developed business acumen provides him with the global perspective to further accelerate Diamond Holiday business development.

Diamond Holiday management team has a combined of 45 years of travel,internet and professional experience with a core concept to provide a cheaper travel rate then other travel companies. There a lot you may need to know if your looking to make a lot of money with this awesome business. So if you are involve and you want success with this awesome business here are a few things you must know in order to be on the right track for success

1. You must be Willing to do what ever it takes~ Success is a journey not a destination and if your looking to have success in this business you must be willing to do what ever it takes to succeed. On the path to success you may run into some brick walls but you must be willing to stay focus and do not fall down. By this company being inside the travel industry it makes it a lot better to have success.

2. Do Not Spam Your Company~ What I mean by that is you do not want to seem like an average network marketer that do not know what they are doing, you do not want to pitch your business opportunity to any and everyone, If you really want the success inside your business you must identify who is your target market, This is serious to know because not everyone want to join your business and in order to find the real red hot prospect you must identify your target market. Once you realize who your target market it will be able to build your business at rapid speed. You do not want to pitch your business opportunity because you must understand that people join people not business opportunity so if you are pitching your business then you are on a path to failure because no ones cares about your business reason why is because people join people. so in order to have major success with Diamond Holiday Travel you must not pitch your business but understand that people join people

Benefits Of Using Newsletter

Marketing photoNewsletters are some of the oldest forms of marketing used by different types of businesses. To this day, it remains a very effective means of communication between a business and its customers. In fact, it is considered an essential tool for many online sites. But will a newsletter make a difference in your business or personal website? Here are some of the benefits of newsletters that you need to know about:

Newsletters are incredibly beneficial in helping promote products and services. They are more efficient in spreading information over a large audience regardless of geographical location.

Keeping traffic alive
When used correctly, newsletters can help promote a website and bring it to the attention of more people. Through a regular newsletter, for example, a website could increase awareness about its products and services.

Content-based websites also make use of the benefits of newsletters to promote new content, provide teasers for premium content and announce promotions and bonuses. This helps build targeted traffic to a website or promote the business or brand to more potential customers.

Keeping customers/clients updated
Another benefit of using newsletters is that it is a very efficient tool for delivering news and press releases to customers and clients. This is just one of the reasons why newsletters work well with sites and businesses that offer memberships. By regularly sending its members news and announcements through newsletters, corporations and other businesses can easily keep members updated with less effort.

Targeted distribution
Newsletters are usually exclusive, so it’s easy to distribute them by category, depending on the interests or membership type of the recipients. This allows for highly targeted distribution with an emphasis on relevance and usefulness. This in turn improves results, increasing the likelihood that there will be more positive response to a specific campaign.

For electronic newsletters, lightning-speed delivery and receipt
As long as there is a ready template, electronic newsletters are easy to produce. Most content-producing website and business owners can produce content in a matter of hours. From there, it will take just a few seconds for recipients to obtain a copy of the newsletter and make use of the information contained therein.

Low cost advertising and promotion tool
Another important benefit of newsletters is that they are inexpensive to produce and distribute, particularly if they are created electronically. Even when they are used traditionally, newsletters still cost a fraction of what it would take to spend for a simple advertisement.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Wholesale

Even if you are starting a business or currently running one, you always consider of buying wholesale products for your business. However it is important to remember that buying wholesale products produce both benefits and disadvantages.

1. If you buy wholesale products, you have complete control over inventory. You can are aware of the products quantity on stock so you can offer what is available.

2. You have better profit margin since you will be purchasing the items at a lower price giving you competitive stand in the market.

3. You have control over the shipping process. You can ensure that the products ordered are delivered in a timely manner and that products are packed properly and safely, which lessen customer complains.

4. You can sell your products to retailers as wholesale as well. Since you can buy items in bulk, you have advantage of selling them in bulk as well.


1. You need to consider storage space. If you buy products in bulk, you need to have a bigger space to store your products. If you need to rent a storage space, this will add to your overhead cost.

2. It requires a large amount of money buying wholesale products. Since manufacturers’ require minimum order quantity in order for you to take advantage of the wholesale price, you need to shell out a large amount of capital.

3. Most suppliers don’t deal with online sellers. You need to be an established shop or retailer to be able to take advantage of wholesale products.

4. It requires a lot of your time doing a wholesale business since you will be responsible with shipping, inventory and marketing the products unlike with drop shipping.

Appcogroup Pilipinas Maaasahang At Mapamaraan Mga Kasosyo Sa Negosyo

Appcogroup Pilipinas ay kilala na ang pinaka-matalino at maaasahang mga kasosyo sa negosyo sa Pilipinas. Commencing operasyon nito bilang isang direktang mga kumpanya sa pagmemerkado sa 2008 ang koponan ay nagtagumpay sa paghahatid ng mga solusyon sa pagmemerkado upang madagdagan ang kamalayan ng tatak, acquisitions customer at benta volume na para sa maraming mga kilalang kumpanya sa pagmemerkado.

Isip nang lubusan sa nagdadalubhasang mga serbisyo sa pagmemerkado ay palaging ginawa Appcogroup Pilipinas tingin sa mga linya sa mga iniaatas ng customer. Ang kumpanya ay naniniwala sa simpleng prinsipyo ng pagkilala ng mga pagbabago sa kapaligiran merkado na sanhi ng karamihan ang pagbabago ng pangangailangan ng customer at market pagbabago. Ang cohesiveness ng pangkat ng karapatan mula sa pagpaplano yugto ay tumutulong sa mga kumpanya sa pagtagumpayan ang mga hamon.

Ang patlang ng mga kinatawan koponan hanggang sa magplano at isaayos ang mga kampanya ng negosyo at ang mga estratehiya sa marketing nila gamitin. Ang pinaka-angkop na diskarte ay wisely pinili ng karanasan sa mga tauhan ng benta para pagyamanin ang mga kampanya sa marketing. Ang kumpanya ay maaaring bumuo ng mga propesyonal na relasyon sa kanyang mga customer na ang pinaka-mahalagang gamit-yaman para sa anumang negosyo.

Ang patlang ng mga kinatawan ng trabaho na may dedikasyon at pangako upang gumawa ng kanilang mga paraan upang ang mga prospective na customer. ilipat nila ang kanilang mga paraan sa pamamagitan ng mga merkado na may target na binalak estratehiya at tiwala ng mga hakbang upang kunin ang karapatan produkto sa kanan customer. Appcogroup Pilipinas ay mga kasosyo sa kilalang mga organisasyon karidad. Ang mukha-sa-mukha sa marketing pamamaraan ay nakatulong magtaas ng isang makabuluhang halaga ng pera para sa maraming mga dahilan at may nilikha ng pagkakataon para sa mga kabataan ng isang perpektong platform upang magtayo ng kanilang mga karera.

Tinutukoy na lumago at magtagumpay Appcogroup Pilipinas plano at nagpapatupad ng balisang epektibong mga programa ng customer acquisition at succeeds sa paghahatid ng kalidad ng mga serbisyo ng mamimili sa mga customer at mga potensyal na customer sa mga kliyente. Gamit ang malakas na batayan sa direktang marketing, B2B marketing at kaganapan sa marketing, Appcogroup Pilipinas marches maaga sa isang maasahin sa mabuti koponan na tinutukoy upang itaguyod ang tatak na may mga estado-ng-ang-sining mga estratehiya sa pagmemerkado upang masiguro ang isang sustainable paglago sa negosyo.