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Using Google Street View In Marketing Campaigns

Using Google Street View in marketing campaigns

Google Street View, a feature of Google Maps, is the largest photographic project in the world, covering 100 countries using 350 000 maps in 40 different languages. Google Street View is a powerful tool combining search and directory listings, providing local businesses with a better way to present themselves to consumers online whilst providing them with more accurate information, photos and reviews.

How do you use Google Street View in your marketing campaign? Will it benefit your business? We look at a few past campaign examples:

Shelter, a UK housing charity, used Street View during the festive season, allowing users to decorate their houses with virtual Christmas bling. This app was created to be a reminder that no-one should be homeless around Christmas and to inspire more donations for this cause.

Alfa Romeo created a marketing website to promote the new Alfa Guilietta. Using Street View, you can see what the car would look like parked in the street outside your home. You can adjust the cars size, rotate it and even post the picture on Facebook and Twitter.

Virgin Trains (UK) released a zombie game using Street View as part of their Dont Go Zombie campaign. Armed with a ticket gun and taking a stroll in the virtual streets, zombies suddenly attack. Using the ticket gun, you need to humanise the zombies and provide them with an escape ticket. The game has a few interesting feature for instance: Your Facebook profile picture appears in the game since it is integrated with Facebook and some of the zombies are celebrities, one being Sir Richard Branson.

M&Ms and BBDO Proximity in Canada have launched a social media campaign called Find Red, an online treasure hunt where you get automatically entered into a prize draw when you find Red.

In South Africa Street View is used to drive the marketing of South African wines by including South African wine estates on Street View. South Africa was the first country in the world where wine estates were added to Street View.

The explosion in popularity of location-based networks, with even Bing now having their own version of Googles Street View, is proof that consumers want to engage with businesses on a more integrated level than just their personal website or directory listings. Google Street Views platform can up your online presence and also allow you to analyze online traffic such as customer activity and trends.