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What is a proxy server used for?

When starting to work with the proxy servers, you completely understand that it is a service in the computer network that allows users to perform indirect requests to other network services.


Firstly, the client connects to a specific server and requests something located on another server in the Internet. Then, this server is connected to the specified server and gets the requested resource, or returns it from its own cache that was already saved, if it has his own cache. On the related note, you can also find the additional information about proxy servers on the and employ the services of the secure company with high reputation.

So, what are the key points of using the proxy servers? What advantages can you find when deciding to use these services?

  • It provides an access from computers on the local network to the Internet;
  • It restricts access from the local network to the external: for instance, you can set quotas for traffic or bandwidth, filter ads and viruses, deny access to certain websites, limit the use of the Internet to some local users;
  • If you frequently access the same external resources, you can keep a copy on the server and send it per request basis. In such a manner you reduce the load on the channel and speed up the receiving of the requested information to the client;
  • It protects the local network from external access. You can easily configure the server so that local computers will access external resources only through it, and external computers will not be able to access local computers at all;
  • The server downloads information from the Internet and transmits the information to the end user in a compressed form. The proxy servers are used mainly to save external traffic;
  • It provides an anonymous of access to various resources. The proxy server can hide information about the source of the request or a user. In this case, the destination server can see only information about the server, such as the IP address, but is not able to determine the original source of the request. These proxy servers are provided by many sites, including a reliable proxy seller services There are also distorting proxy servers that transmit false information about the user to the destination server.
  • Also, the using of proxy servers allows to protect the client computer from network attacks.