Certain Facets of China’s Recent Growth Look Familiar to Many Marketers From Elsewhere

China is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, and its recent history has opened up many opportunities for businesses from other parts of the world. Many companies, however, are still reticent about doing business in China, as there often seem to be hurdles in the way that could prove insurmountable.

It can be much more difficult to successfully market a product in China, for instance, than it would be to do the same in a country closer to home. Fortunately, there are also ways of thinking about the Chinese market that allow insights developed elsewhere to be applied there with success. A couple of the most recent trends in digital marketing in china make it clear that understanding never needs to remain out of reach.

Some Recent Developments in China Parallel Prominent Ones in Other Countries

While China is more or less unique as a market in a wide variety of ways, it also shares plenty of similarities with many other countries. In particular, market-oriented developments that rely heavily on technology have tended to blur some of the boundaries that might otherwise have stood between China and the rest of the world.

Digital marketers who have been most successful at accounting for these trends have frequently found themselves winning out over competitors. A couple of the relatively recent developments that have merited the most notice in China center on issues like:

  • Sharing. While foreign services like Uber and Lyft have not taken hold, China has developed a booming domestic ride-sharing industry of its own. In fact, global-scale Uber was driven out right out of the country thanks to fierce competition from a better positioned Chinese competitor. Sharing transportation with other individuals has become second nature to many millions of Chinese citizens. At the same times, other types of sharing-economy businesses are becoming just as well established.
  • Personalization. Just like in many other countries, Chinese consumers increasingly expect every aspect of their activities to be personalized to suit their needs and preferences. Marketers who are able to leverage the power of personalization most successfully find it easiest to succeed in China today.

Marketing Expertise Will Always Make a Difference

Experienced marketers who have grappled with trends like these in other countries can almost always translate the lessons learned into China. In many cases, that ends up being one of the best ways to break into an especially appealing, fast growing market.