Following Social Trends Can Make Money

One of the problems that I have always had with betting web sites is that they do not accurately reflect the odds in bets. There is a general lay of the land, but it is never in real time. The one time that I did find a site that posted odds in real time, I had a huge interest in following the trends based on what was done with the players on their social media and how that effected the bets.

It doesn’t seem that interesting, but I noticed that when a player got a little bit snarky, the betting went against that team. I felt like the betters knew that the player/team was making up for something that they lacked and it never gave the people placing the bets confidence in the team, or caused them to lose bets.

This wasn’t the only thing that caused a difference in betting. Sometimes, things that were going on that were completely out of anyone’s control would effect the bets on the web sites. Natural diasters, heated political climate, and good or bad news would sometimes swing bets in one way or the other. I never really understood why that would happen, I just know that it did.

After I noticed these trends, I started to use them to my advantage. Especially the social media trend. I did get the feeling that when players lashed out, they were stressed. Playing a game when stressed is hardly ever going to go your way, no matter how good of a team you are. When I tested this theory, the first time I won well over a thousand bucks! I thought that there might be something to this and kept following the idea of players lashing out equals stress with equals bad game play. It honestly worked out pretty well for a while.

The one thing that makes this difficult is the idea that since it is over the internet, you don’t know what is actual stress and what is just fun smack talk. I did get bit a few times by thinking someone was being serious, when they were just joking around.