My Boss is Going into Retirement

Of course when you have this sort of money it must be quite difficult to really focus on the day to day grind. In his case he has really done well and he has always made an effort to make himself redundant. It was not like no one would have missed him at all, but for years we were ready to go on without him just fine. Personally I am sort of moving to be his personal employee I suppose. For a long time he would talk to me about betting web sites for NFL games, college sports. If he was bored we might skip out of work to go fishing or shoot pool. Most of all he would get me to help him work on his car collection. That was how I met him, although back then his father would take his cars to my father. Out behind my grandfather’s farmhouse he would work on the cars and then he would paint them like new when all the work was done.

My grandfather used to race late model stock cars and then my dad did too, although mostly he would work for rich guys who raced for a hobby. At any rate I went to college and went I needed a job they sent me up there. Since then I have been a cross between a best pal and a mid level office drone there. When the boss wants to work I am just like the others and when he feels like playing then he and I get the boat out of the woods or whatever he feels like doing. Now he just wants me to help him fix up old pick up trucks and that is quite fine with me. Of course I get to drive the ones that he is not driving.