Published 2022

Trustpilot Transparency Report

The Trustpilot Transparency Report provides more insight into the actions we are taking to protect and promote trust online.

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“The integrity of reviews and how they’re managed differs greatly across the internet, so it’s important that people take the time to understand how their genuine feedback is being treated. Our Transparency Report gives everyone a better understanding of what we do at Trustpilot and why.”

— Carolyn Jameson, Chief Trust Officer
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Our Transparency Report highlights:

  • How we operate and safeguard our platform

  • How we combat fake reviews and misuse of our platform

  • An analysis of Trustpilot’s own TrustScore and customer reviews; and how we’re tackling key issues raised by consumers.

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Trustpilot is committed to transparency

Find below the 2021 edition of our Transparency Report.

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For transparency reporting under the Digital Services Act, click below.

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